enxoo properto - sales and rental management system for property developers and brokers, built on the Salesforce 1™ Platform.


Support for sales and operational processes integrated with e-commerce.


Easy, instant and safe access with Salesforce1™ mobile application.



Fully customizable to meet specific requirements in the real estate industry.



Fast implementation and subscription payment model that optimizes IT costs.

enxoo properto is a complete industry solution for real estate integrating sales and operational processes into a single channel that allows you to easily collect and process all necessary information related to sales and service.

Real Estate e-commerce platform

  • The full potential of the Internet as a channel for acquiring customers in the real estate market,
  • Integration with portals of major brokers,
  • Comprehensive recording and analysis of customer behavior on web pages.

enxoo properto allows you to gain insight into customer behaviour, social experience and customer activities history- which gives you the power to improve your offerings and increase your conversions.


Real Estate sales and contract sign-off process

  • Real estate database management (buildings, apartments, parking lots, commercial space, amenities and services),
  • Contract preparation and signing,
  • Document management.

enxoo properto allows you to increase the efficiency of your sales team and sell more while reducing costs.

Real Estate post-sales process management

  • Invoicing and receivables management,
  • Handover process management,
  • Defects and service management. 

enxoo properto allows you to design and implement an excellent and comprehensive after-sales service process management.



Rental process management

  • Real estate database,
  • Contract preparation and signing,
  • Defects and service management,
  • Social networking site for tenants.

enxoo properto supports comprehensive rental process management.

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A project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget of the Republic of Poland.