A complete retail execution application for FMCG, built on Salesforce 1™ Platform.


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Access to all data from the mobile app.


Availability anywhere with off-line app mode.


Ability to customize to fulfill specific needs of a customer.

Based on Salesforce Platform

Higest level of scalability and security.


Core functionalities


Account Management

All customer information in one place.

  • Account/ PoS data management
  • Full relationship history incl. orders,  surveys, photos etc.
  • PoS geolocation
  • PoS categories

Product Catalogue

Support for product offering, pricelists and rebates.

  • Product catalogue management
  • Pricing policy management
  • Support for multiple pricelists for different sales
  • Channels, account types or even individual customers

Route Planning and Optimization

Increased efficiency of sales visits. Reduction of operational expense and better use of sales potential.

  • Auto route planning for selected PoS
  • Auto route optimization reducing the route distance
  • Support for sales territory management
  • Visit cycles for reoccurring sales visits
  • Support for ad-hoc visits

Visit Execution

Complete support for visit execution with efficient and user friendly mobile application.

  • Full relationship history incl. orders, surve results and pictures
  • Efficient order registration
  • Document generation incl. VAT invoice, receipt etc.
  • Works with mobile fiscal printer and barcode scanner
  • Support for merchandising activities during the visit
  • Mobile access to documents, e.g. marketing materials: presentations, leaflets etc.
  • Registration of start/ end time of the visit as well as visit GPS coordinates


Internal Communication

Improved internal communication for efficient cooperation.

  • Built-in Chatter communicator to exchange information within the company
  • Works on all devices PC, tablet, smartphone
  • One-to-one, one-to-many communication
  • All communication archived
  • Object oriented communication
  • Ability to share pictures, presentations, files
  • Ability to set quick ad-hock surveys or tasks for other users

Reports and Dashboards

Convenient access to all managerial information for better decision making.

  • Extensive visit reporting with advanced filtering
  • Report data available in real-time – immediate insight into newest field information
  • Monitoring of activities of individual Sales Representatives,
  • Teams as well as individual or groups of products, accounts, PoSes etc.
  • Easy to understand reports with multiple types of graphs, definition of dashboards to present different types of information
  • Easy report builder with drag&drop creator



Support for marketing/ branding activities to ensure high standards in all PoS.

  • Multiple type of surveys
  • Easy survey configurator
  • Possibility to run multiple surveys during one visit
  • Individual surveys for chosen types of PoS
  • Evaluate exposition of your own products as well as the competition
  • Support for visit pictures with tagging

Easy Integration

Complete integration with customer’s IT infrastructure.

  • CRM integration to exchange customer information and data
  • ERP/ billing integration to automate orders
  • Integration with warehouse software to support shipment

Can be easily enhanced with other enxoo software based on Salesforce.

  • CPQ – configure, price, quote
  • Document Generator

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