Automate work, save time, bill smarter

Automate your back-office workflows with subscription-based billing engine to reduce manual effort around invoicing and accounts receivables management.

Automate recurring billing.png

Automate recurring billing

Issue hundreds to thousands of error-less invoices to multiple users subscribing your product on various terms and conditions.  

Handle various pricing models.png

Handle various pricing models

Bill your customers in various ways. According to multiple pricing models: flat rate, including one time charges combined with recurring fees, usage-based, tired, volume based, per user, per feature.

With different frequency: weekly, monthly, annually.

Make use of discounts & promotions.png

Make use of discounts & promotions

Drive signups and upgrades by spoiling your customers with special deals. Create, manage,

and track your discounts without breaking a sweat.  

Control the revenue.png

Control the revenue

Learn up-to-the-minute data on sales workflow and make accurate revenue forecasts on this basis.

Set specific and achievable goals according to your current sales performance. Track the numbers, uncover flaws, follow-up unpaid invoices.