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Grow your business with Industry Clouds

Enxoo offers industry-specific digital transformation platforms created using years of experience, industry expertise, and tech skills dedicated to automate all of your crucial business processes.

  • Communications Communications
  • Real estate Real Estate

Outstanding operational visibility

The layer of data adjusted to the telecommunications industry together with the pre-defined reports provide you with enhanced management of the whole business: pipelines, quotations, margins, risk... you name it!

Automation tailored to Telecoms

There’s no use of CPQ if it’s not industry-specific! Our CPQ mirrors all your pricing models, gives the flexibility your customers expect, and, finally, enables you to generate offers in hours instead of weeks.

Rapid implementation with 80:20

We know telecoms really well, that’s why 80% of our solution is a plug’n’play type - ready to be used. We leave 20% to be adjusted to our customer’s specific needs.

Enhance the revenue

Automate internal business processes and reduce costs of customer service activities. Generate more pipeline and empower sales to close more deals.

Gain the full view

Integrate Real Estate Industry Extensions with CRM and leverage open API ready to implement with any third-party app.

Future-proof your business

Grow with a market and take advantage of constantly evolving platform. Benefit from steady updates and scalability. Anticipate changes and adapt quickly.

Built on Salesforce, with ❤️️

All our solutions are proudly built on Salesforce technology. We walk together with Salesforce and invite you to join us on the exciting journey of making your digital transformation happen.


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