Vantage Development S.A. is one of the largest residential property developers in Poland, listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Headquartered in Wrocław, they are also active on Warsaw market. In 2017 they have sold 1034 apartments, 27% more than in 2016. Although focusing primarily on residential sector, they also have developed projects in office and retail spaces.



Growing scale of business meant not only increased volumes of sales transactions (growth from less than 500 apartments sold to over 1 000 in 3 years) but also piling up number of contracts at different stage of customer service.

Vantage expected that the new CRM implementation will significantly reduce the workload required to perform sales and customer service activities, with sizeable percentage of customer service interactions transferred to self-service channels



Enxoo implemented its Properto CRM solution based on Salesforce platform for 50 users within the company. The solution spans from managing marketing activities and customer acquisition, through sales and contracting, customer service, payments and invoicing, defects, handover and warranty.

Properto has been extended with customer service portal (”client zone”) to automate various customer service interactions.


Thanks to the implementation of customized Enxoo tools Vantage Development successfully automated internal business processes and reduced the cost of customer service activities.