Sell, service, and market smarter with the world’s #1 CRM platform

Connect with your customers in a whole new way using the #1 customer-centric CRM platform from Salesforce.


Keep all customers close

Manage all the customer's information and history in one place - easily accessible from any of your devices. This will help your sales team create a truly customer-centric and personalized approach. Just wait for the effects!

Boost your sales with transparency

With a clear look at the sales opportunity pipelines, you can track your chances in all stages - from leads to orders, to predict the real probabilities of success.

Control the sales funnel

Measure profitability of offers proposed to your customers and facilitate sales process basing it on facts, not intuition. Real-time data lets spot and react quickly to any inefficiencies in the sales process throttling your growth!

Complete operational visibility, at the palm of your hand

Intuitive and pleasant to use interfaces. See more, react faster and perform better with Lightning Design System©.

What people love most about working with our CRM

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Nexera achieves +40% growth lorem ipsum

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