Go The Extra Mile Day

We start November with “Go The Extra Mile Day”, so we at enxoo reiterate how technology should boost your customer engagement along their journey with your brand - from Marketing, to Sales, and Post-Sales Service.

Technology itself has meant that organisations need to go the extra mile in order to differentiate in the busy marketplace, or even just to stay afloat as industries become increasingly saturated.

What is the “Extra Mile”?
The phrase “to go the extra mile” means that your service goes beyond expectations and has a positive, lasting impact on those you serve.

Interesting fact: The phrase is cited with biblical origins, apparently coined when Jesus delivered his Sermon on the Mount.

Over the past few decades, going the extra mile was viewed negatively, threatening the precious bottom line and detracting from profit.

That was, however, in a world where the customer wasn’t as connected as they are now, making them both smarter and accessible to your competitors. Now companies are striding through the extra mile, looking at the long term pay-off more seriously. The trend initially started with smaller companies who could offer such unrestricted, personalised service, but has revolutionised the way even the greatest multinational corporations think.

Now to dive into how Marketing, Sales and Service can all go the extra mile.


-"Marketing in the 21st century should be about the 1:1 prospect journey with your brand."

But what does that actually mean?

The process of lead nurturing involves educating your prospect on your organisation’s offering; in short, solutions for their problems. Putting content in front of prospects educates them on - why they need you, and you specifically.

The overall aim is to increase a prospect’s engagement. Content therefore has to always be:

1. Relevant

People don’t have time. They don’t have time to sift through piles of content. They don’t have time for inconsistent messaging. They especially don’t have time for organisations that don’t know them, despite submitting personal information.

Build the relationship, personalise the journey personalise the journey, show you can fill their needs.

2. Timely

Timing is key. You don’t want to miss your slim window of opportunity to convert a particular prospect into a customer. One could say the prospect is a fickle species, potentially swayed easily by crumbs on the trail - such as a welcome promotion. Being responsive to their actions overtime is one way to show you will go the extra mile to have them onboard.

Going the extra mile in your marketing interactions speaks a powerful message about your organisation.

And the first step? Invest in a Marketing Automation Platform, such as Salesforce Pardot (B2B) or Salesforce Marketing Cloud (B2C) to segment your data meaningfully and manage interactions with customers at different stages of the purchasing cycle.


Going the extra mile in the sales process is essential to winning business - but here we’re not picturing sleazy salespeople using small-talk and insincere flattery to flog* you something you don’t need.

(*To Flog [definition]: to sell, especially aggressively or vigorously - ie. something you should not be doing in the 21st century)

What if you could show you are going the extra mile for your prospect/returning customer whilst growing your revenues?

Up-selling & Cross-selling - two secret weapons to customer retention. It may not seem like you can go the extra mile whilst trying to squeeze money out of your customer base, but allow me to explain.

You know that Mr. X has shown interest in a tie from your store. So, why not show him some better quality ties that you offer (up-sell)? And suggest the matching pocket square too (cross-sell)?

So you’ve gone the extra mile to get him suited & booted for his dinner date, whilst purchasing 3 items instead of 1. Dressed in his coordinated outfit, he’s a very satisfied customer.

How can this purchasing behaviour be put into practice?

CPQ (configure-price-quote) tools are a great way to enable your salespeople to up-sell and cross-sell effectively, even over a large and complex product/service catalogue. The rules-driven logic built into these systems will mean you can anticipate the needs of the customer based on what they already own. This is just one powerful feature of CPQ.

Realising the lifetime value of the customer gets easier once you know their whole picture; after all, It’s easier for a customer to remain with one vendor, so make your organisation easier to do business with.


Customer service ruled back in the time when the vendor-consumer relationship was built on compassion. This was the story before interactions became physically distanced and before the rigidity of SLAs, operational efficiency and revenue leakage restricted post-sale service.

Of course these metrics are key to successfully running and scaling a business - I’m not denying that, but there’s a reason why more are returning to the traditional way, removing the barriers to interaction in order to raise customer satisfaction.

Some ways to go the extra mile:

  • React and solve rapidly by having solutions to hand.
  • Constant communication , especially keeping the customer informed.by having solutions to hand.
  • Automate processes, such as sending replacement goods out instantaneously - it proves that their needs are paramount at that moment in time.

    The list could be exhaustive, so we recommend checking out solution provider features on the market. A vendor that does all of this - and does it superiorly - is Salesforce Service Cloud. We are confident in this powerful, multi-platform solution, that makes customers feel closer and more valued.

  • So, there you have it - how you can take actions to go the extra miles across your business functions: Marketing, Sales and Service, to ensure you retain and grow your customers, and therefore, your business.

    Now check out how you can go the extra mile as a team leader or team player.

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