Salesforce acquires Krux: and here’s why we’re excited

Salesforce has finalised another acquisition for the sum of $700mil, hauling in industry pioneer, Krux the night before Dreamforce kicked off - the conference anticipated this year for the unveiling of a next-level CRM powered by AI SaaS innovation.

Krux expertly handles what Tom Chavez (CEO & Co-Founder), describes as the “flood of people data”, striving to provide the world with a “pervasive power grid for the internet that intelligently, safely connects data on a just-in-time basis..[to] drive more productive, valuable experiences for people”.

Krux was snapped up by Salesforce specifically for the Intelligent Marketing Hub, their powerful and auspicious data management platform (DMP) - a very exciting addition to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Even just after watching their 2 minute intro video, the figures they’re pulling are astonishing.

Every month, they're interacting with 3+ billion browsers and devices, 3+ billion CRM records and host a 20+ PB analytic on-demand environment.


I highly recommend the video (found here) that illustrates comparisons to put the figures into perspective.

More about Krux

Krux has boomed since its conception in 2010, with global reach via its 8 offices across 4 continents. But it’s the multitude of benefits they’ve delivered as an industry forerunner that could justify the price tag. Krux has proven themselves to fuel the content journey, execute effective audience segmentation, identify wasted digital marketing expenditure and uncovering new, unexplored revenue streams - all this using AI. Krux have said their platform will form part of Einstein by enhancing the Marketing Cloud’s “audiences segmentation and targeting capabilities”.

As well as their pioneering DMP that attracted Salesforce, Krux have also developed the ‘Krux Link Data Cloud’ and are a data-science-as-a-service provider.

Krux also brings along an impressive and varied customer portfolio, which includes names such as PSA Peugeot Citroen, AB Inbev and BBC Worldwide. The power of their solution shines through in their fantastic customer references.

Read the official acquisition statement here.

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