New Year’s Resolutions: Our Salesforce-related Top 6

New Year: it’s that time of the year again when we become reflective, taking into account what has past, and what we can do differently in 2017. You may have done your own resolutions, and hopefully you have been able to keep to those thus far! But, was your CRM considered? New financial year for many organisations presents itself as the perfect opportunity to make some positive system amendments. There is always room for improvement when it come to your CRM, which is why we, at enxoo, have put together 6 New Year’s resolutions that will give your CRM a boost for 2017.

1. Establish & stick to a Naming Convention

Whilst some people may be sick of hearing this, the importance of naming conventions crops up time and time again. Even with the global search, which searches all records in the CRM for keywords, name conventions come in handy in reporting, look-up search and several other occasions. We recommend creating a simple document, such as an Excel, that has dropdown validation lists as a template to guide people through constructing correct record names. You are more likely to get conformity when you make it easy. Yes, it’s tedious, but sometimes necessary.

2. Change Process

Having a proper change process involves communicating changes to the CRM with end users. When this stage is overlooked, you risk neglecting your users’ needs. There are a number of ways to carry out effective change announcements, and finding the optimal channel, tone and frequency may take some trial and error. Start the year off by adding consistency to any announcement templates you use for clarity, and publish these through both email and collaboration platforms, such as Chatter. Always bear in mind: “What matters to my audience?”. It may seem obvious, but it’s crucial to gain an enthusiastic following of users. Each change should be an opportunity for you to excite your end-user, to show them their work is being enhanced.

3. Gamification

Participation from users boosts the Change Process (Point 2), which reinforces adoption, leading to further user participation, and so on. The development should be cyclical. However, depending on resource, some organisations may shorten this cycle. If restrictions in budget, time or resource exist, there are other quick-wins for increasing user adoption to explore. Gamification is the process of social collaboration and rewarding participants. As Salesforce users, you are privileged to have Chatter at your disposal, enabling you to give recognition and create polls. Chatter polls are a great facilitator for crowdsourcing ideas for CRM development. A poll voted on by end users means you can prioritise which developments will have the greatest positive impact for your users. Moreover, making it easy for people to provide feedback about the system creates a sense of ownership to employees who use the system daily.

4. Be real about what is not working

Making a swift transition from Point 3, our fourth resolution is about facing up to parts of the system that are causing process inefficiency or users pain. The root may be an outdated process, a broken connector sync, or a user interface that’s not optimal. The new year is the perfect opportunity to embrace these CRM shortfalls. As there’s no greater driver of positive change than constructive criticism, use social collaboration to crowdsource for new solutions. Remember by crowdsourcing, you are more likely to reinforce adoption in the long term.

5. Inspire people (through CRM)

Inspiration is a common theme that runs through resolutions. Equipped with a world-class CRM like Salesforce, you don’t have to be one of history’s greatest philosophers to inspire people in the modern day. If the data is stored in the CRM, you will be able to create reports and dashboards that showcase people’s graft. Visualisation of data is key to bringing a sense of achievement and motivation. An exercise could be to evaluate the practicality and suitability of existing reporting for the business. Following that, consider how to make reporting more beneficial from a system point of view, for example, adding new fields, converting free text fields to pick-lists or building new processes into Salesforce.

If you already have a firm handle on your Salesforce reporting, consider taking analytics to the next level with add ons such as Salesforce Wave, which will breathe life into your data, guaranteed.

6. Keep up-to-date

The world of SaaS seems to evolve at light-speed, and Salesforce is no exception. 2016 saw Salesforce innovating with relenting speed - and 2017 is going to be no exception. Salesforce’s release notes are published 3 times a year, and although reading these documents (all 499 pages) is certainly impressive, it sadly is not sufficient. Keeping up-to-date should comprise of daily doses of news, features and solutions, to widen the horizon of your CRM knowledge. Subscribe to a blog to receive your tips & tricks conveniently; we can recommend Salesforce’s own blog, or evangelists’ blogs such as SalesforceBen, Automation Champion, or Admin Hero - of course, don’t forget to hit subscribe to ours!


New Year’s Resolutions for your CRM are important, as your CRM is crucial to the smooth and optimal running of your business. With such innovation happening all around us, powering-up your CRM should be a priority for 2017. We hope that these resolutions will provide quick-wins in order to champion your Salesforce org. Finally, from all of us at enxoo, have an exciting and prosperous New Year.

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