Skilo - one of the best HR apps recommended by Salesforce Customers!

Salesforce is one of the most recognizable companies all around the world. It is an undisputed authority among cloud business solutions. More than 150,000 companies worldwide use the solutions provided by Salesforce every day to streamline their business processes. Partners like enxoo build apps that even extend the possibilities and business areas supported by standard Salesforce products.
Salesforce has just published a list of the TOP 24 applications most recommended by Customers. Skilo has been listed among 6 recommended applications, available on the appexchange platform, which supports HR and Talent Management. Customers use Skilo to develop and improve the competences and skills of customer facing employees to increase sales effectiveness and quality of the customer service.
This is the only Polish HR/Talent Management app on the list!
Skilo is a cloud and mobile application that streamlines, simplifies and unifies end-to-end process of talent acquisition, development and retention. It covers recruitment, onboarding, performance, training, reviews, development, compensation & benefits as well as provides a social platform for managing employee engagement. This powerful tool is used by Customers to increase sales and customer service excellence via Performance Management, Competency Development and Employee Engagement.
It is great to be listed at the Apps recommended by Salesforce Customers!
Thank you Salesforce Community!

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