What will change with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

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On May 24, 2016, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came to life. The new regulation establishes consistent rules for the protection of personal data throughout the European Union, meaning that the new regulation will affect all in all of the 28 existing member states. GDPR is an important step towards strengthening the fundamental rights of EU citizens in the digital age, and in facilitating business activities by simplifying and harmonizing the rules for those responsible for handling data throughout the EU.

What will change?

The primary change will be the requirements for businesses to be much more transparent about how personal data is processed. The traditional methods of processing and storing personal data, most times a cumbersome process, will be replaced with a new concept of default data protection – +data protection by design+. This is the responsibility of protecting personal data right from the beginning - the moment data is captured. However, in enxoo's view, the a change in habit is imperative, because the current, rather liberal approach data protection (at least what we observe in Poland) will have to end. The severity of the penalties is significant: depending on the extent of the infringement, the penalty can be up to 10 or 20 million euros, or 2%-4% of annual turnover.

What GDPR will change for cloud solutions?

We are sure that after GDPR is introduced, many business owners will consider using cloud solutions for data security and processing. According to the regulation, cloud software vendors will need to prove that they can offer safe and legal solutions. Now that people’s attention is on GDPR, it is likely that vendors will be asked about the type of security measures they use, more often than these questions are asked today. On the other hand, some cloud vendors, such as Salesforce, already guarantee a high level of security today.This is one of the reasons that Salesforce have always experienced demand for the platform, as this level of security is difficult to achieve for a cloud-based solution - and a reason why we, at enxoo, believe demand will continue to increase at a faster rate. The solutions enxoo offer for the telecommunications, distribution, real estate and service industries are based on the Salesforce platform, a solid foundation for protecting your business against GDPR.

Katarzyna Zych, Information Security Expert, Information Security Administrator at enxoo

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