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Today's dynamic times confront entrepreneurs with two overarching challenges. One is related to the efficiency of customer service processes, the other is related to the issues of acquiring, maintaining and developing employees. This aspect is tricky for companies, mainly because of great competition on the market. It is hard for managers to cope with these difficulties without using innovative technologies that can immediately adapt to the speed the modern world moves at. But how do you choose the right supplier?

Enxoo provides IT solutions dedicated to the telecommunications, distribution, real estate and service industries. By working with industry experts, we have come to understand customer challenges. All tools are built on the Salesforce platform, which guarantees system stability and security. Individual products can be easily integrated into one comprehensive solution for sales, customer service and talent management in your organization.

Although we have been operating on the market for just over 5 years and thereby considered as a start-up by common standards, most of our clients are companies that have a long-established presence in their industry. The companies we work with, such as Konica Minolta, Telia Carrier and Orangina Schweppes, have appreciated our awareness of the challenges they face every day. Thanks to that, we have been able to complete impactful projects for our clients and, as a result, they have significantly improved the effectiveness of their sales activities.

Enxoo is proud to have been featured in the latest edition of "Outsourcing & More", a bimonthly magazine publication about outsourcing on the Polish and global markets. In fact, Enxoo appears not only once, but in two articles, including an interview with our CEO Krzysztof Zych.

What does Krzysztof Zych say about the vision and the unique enxoo approach to the challenges in our target industries? How can he forecast the next 5 years for his company on the Polish and foreign markets?

Read the interview below!

Outsourcing&More: What is enxoo and what do you do?
Krzysztof Zych: We are helping businesses reach better results by leveraging Salesforce technology. We offer cloud industry solutions, which address the challenges in telecom, service, retail and residential developement companies. We support sales, customer services, marketing and HR. During our 5 years, we gained a reputation that we fulfil promises. We employ almost 100 people and have a year-on-year growth of around 80%.

This year enxoo is celebrating their 5th anniversary of being established on the Polish market. We, as Pro Progressio, want to sincerely congratulate you. We want to ask you: Is the Polish market ready for your solutions? Or, is it still still necessary to educate businesses?
In Poland there are many companies which understand that improving processes and information flow allows for a better understanding of, and faster reaction to, clients needs. In many cases, there is a hesitation for investing in upscale solutions. We are organizing conferences and breakfasts to discuss how business leaders can improve their actions and remove the roadblocks in their organizations for faster growth - but, the majority of this is Salesforce’s role. We are focused on delivering projects for those clients that realise the potential of Salesforce technology.

Telecom, distribution, real estate, services and talent management - those are the areas in which you can support clients. In that case, we are picturing the CEO of a big telecommunication company in our heads. What business “pains” and needs can you cure?
Telecommunications is our main industry, but bearing the typical profile of your readers in mind, I will propose another - the service center. If we take, for example, shared service, which supports certain processes like accounting, shopping, customer service and HR for an international company. Our basic offer for the SSC/BPO sector is targeted at personas like the COO, Service Customer Manager, CIO and Head of HR. We concentrate on challenges that are connected with optimizing and automating processes that impact the organisation’s relationship with their customers and partners. Also, the relationship with employees: finding, developing and engaging talent. To optimize and automate processes - these are the transformations that are made possible by using the IT technologies. The result? Speeding up actions, reducing the risk of error and reducing the labor intensity. The time required from receiving the notification from the client to the moment of giving them a solution is reduced. We also appeal to the CIO, who has a never-ending list of needs, and who can now use the Salesforce platform to create web and mobile applications fast and in line with established IT enterprise standards. The next critical challenge for SSC industry is finding, developing and engaging appropriate talent. In this field we offer an innovative solution that can support every stage of the talent management process. The solution is Skilo, a system built on the Salesforce platform, meaning it secure, scalable, and also very easy to integrate with any payroll and administration/human resources management platforms.

Let’s assume, that our CEO is ready to use an enxoo solution. What does the implementation process look like? Will their employees accept the new work tool with open arms, or will the system seem to be complex all at once?
As a part of the project implementation, we customize the system to suit the individual business processes, and we put a particular emphasis on transparency and on an intuitive user interface. This is why the system requires minimal training. Our project implementation methodology is based on multiple interactions with selected users, so that the finished product will not contain any surprises which were not visualized, discussed, and agreed on through the building process. As a result, solution go-live is much more simple, and usually after 1-2 months of usage, users are convinced about benefits from how easy it is to track data in the system - and as the organization begins to see increased operational efficiency.

If you could pinpoint the three most important and unique features of the Salesforce platform, which would you use to convince a potential user?
Salesforce has many advantages, but in my opinion, the most important is that the platform that we chose to build our CRM solutions on from the start, was fully cloud based. The platform is ready to use immediately after you are created as a user, and it offers functionalities that have been built using business best practices. Standard functionalities are fast and easy to configure to specific customer requirements. In addition to the ready-made solutions offered on the platform, the user can use over 10 000 extensions available in online app shop the ‘Appexchange’, and they can also extend functionality by themselves, based on requests from users.

Is there any solution/technology innovation you offer, that can surprise users who was using other, have been using simple, standard CRM solutions so far?
I think that there are many surprises for people, for instance, excellent reporting and a management dashboard, which aggregates and visualizes data on any defined on any level, and can be used to facilitate the decision making process significantly. Another interesting element will be Salesforce Einstein - Artificial Intelligence which can be used to recognize trends in data and actively assist users in their daily work.

Not so long ago you started hosting a series of business breakfasts. Where did the idea come from, and what can an attendee gain thanks to this event?
The business breakfasts and conferences that we organize are a good opportunity for us to share our experience and show the possibilities that today's technology can give. We often invite our clients for these meetings, who already use the system and are eager to share their experiences. These meetings can help potential clients to understand how technology can help in their organizational processes and give employees more time to perform tasks that have a greater added value. These meetings also aim to inspire our guests to take action to ignite the potential that lies dormant in their organizations.

5 years behind you. It’s a good time for reflecting, but also for looking forward at the future. Will you share your plan for the next 5 years with us?
These first 5 years were a time for us to build our foundations, and to create and shape idea of what do we want to do, and discovering how to work on the market. We started with projects entirely based on Salesforce services with a nearshoring model, working mostly for Western European clients. As time passed, a few larger clients in CEE have trusted us as their supplier, but still the projects were based on standard Salesforce solutions. During these 5 years, we were using our experience to make ready-made solutions to confront the biggest challenges in our target industries. Our solutions are complementary to standard Salesforce solutions, and they address the specific requirements of these industries. As a result, the customer receives a system that suits their requirements 60-80% of the way, even from day 1. The client does not have to educate us about their industry, about specific processes or products, because this knowledge is already included in our extensions, thanks to working and collaborating with experts. Rather than building a solution from scratch, this his approach means that the rest of the project can be completed faster - even up to 3 times as fast! In the next 5 years, we will not slow down. We are already in the process of going to market in other regions besides CEE: USA, UK, Germany and Scandinavia. On these markets we market our own solutions, bring awareness about how they can make completing a project easier, and ultimately, increase business efficiency.

Thank you.

The article comes from the polish version of Outsourcing&More Polska #35.

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