Get the vibe of Enxoo and NEXERA project - digitalization of B2B Telecom with a Salesforce-based solution

Find out what our teams think about the project, what surprised them, and what they learned during the cooperation.

Success needs a proper celebration! That’s why we’ve gathered together with our amazing customer, NEXERA, and all Partners engaged in this outstanding project.

The best reward after any project is a positive feedback from your customer. Check what made this cooperation truly special.


Enxoo for Communications, an all-in-one Salesforce® native BSS solution, integrated with CROSS Network Intelligence, an OSS network management system.


NEXERA - the recently established wholesale access fiber network operator; a pioneer in providing so-called white spots, often rural places, with super-fast Internet

Scope of automation:

Offer creation, product and customer management, service provisioning, network management, settlements as well as quality assurance and reporting

Key facts:

  • A rapid implementation - 6 months
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use platform
  • The project organized according to the agile principles
  • The solution already in use by NEXERA and their wholesale customers’ teams – T-Mobile, Orange, and OSE (Ogólnopolska Sieć Edukacyjna – Nationwide Educational Network)


Full processes’ automation, transparency, and agility. With the support of the new cloud-based BSS/OSS solution, a handful of NEXERA employees at the company HQ can monitor and manage regional contractors on the ground. The work of an “agile” operator, with a complex business model, would be much more difficult, if not impossible without the support of such a solution.