Enxoo commerce, an omni-channel sales solution is being showcased at ITW 2018 and will be soon released on the Salesforce® AppExchange

enxoo, a Salesforce platinum consulting partner, is introducing an all-in-one omni-channel sales platform, focusing on the communications, software and business service industries. It is being showcased at ITW 2018 on May 6-9, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. To be soon released on the Salesforce® AppExchange.


WARSAW, Poland – May 2nd, 2018 – Enxoo, a Platinum Salesforce Partner and one of the leading providers of industry cloud for telecommunications, announced today the release of its new omni-channel end-to-end solution, enxoo commerce, designed to create seamless and more personalized customer experience. The solution will be showcased at ITW 2018 on May 6-9, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois and soon available on the Salesforce® AppExchange, that is a store with ready-to-install solutions extending standard Salesforce® functionalities.

enxoo commerce is designed to address the main industry-specific pain points and allow companies to adjust to digital commerce standards. Companies strive for constant innovation in all areas of business including omni-channel sales. Major challenges that companies face today are a creation of the symbiosis between online and offline channels, an optimization of the resellers net, and a unification of the sales processes across various channels.

enxoo commerce supports management of multiple sales and communication channels, at the same time enhancing the customer service quality by processes unification. Thanks to enxoo commerce, companies may maximize their touch points to engage with the customers on many levels. It allows Telecoms to provide top-notch quality and reliable wholesale service in an efficient and flexible way. enxoo commerce solution supports communications business providing automation in fields of pricing, catalog management, order and subscription management, billing and invoicing, as well as reporting.

enxoo commerce is built on the Salesforce® platform and offers the following additional benefits:

  • creation of a more personalized customer experience,
  • standardized sales processes by an introduction of a consistent sales management framework and,
  • optimization of tracking customers across all channels by gathering data on one easily accessible platform.

The omni-channel solution was based on an ecommerce platform, which enables customer self-service, centralized pricing engine, and configurable service catalog, all of which makes sales channels more integrated and seamless.

“Building our solution on the Salesforce® platform has enabled us to take advantage of creating a truly omni-channel commerce solution,” comments Maciej Simm, enxoo commerce product architect. “Instead of building multiple system components and integrating them, we can rely on a single platform. Salesforce® is the first solution where omni-channel becomes obvious and technically simple.”

About enxoo

enxoo is an IT consulting company which delivers transformational projects to automate and simplify the quote-to-revenue process powered by Salesforce® technology. enxoo solutions are designed to help increase revenue and sales performance efficiency for companies from telecommunications, software, business services, and real estate industries. enxoo is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, with offices in the Czech Republic, Germany, and the USA. For more information visit: www.enxoo.com

About enxoo commerce

Enxoo commerce is an all-in-one omni-channel sales platform, fully Salesforce® native, and dedicated especially to communications, software and business service industries. This end-to-end tool with pre-configured tailored functionalities allows to create a seamless & more personalized customer experience, standardized sales processes, and enhance tracking across all channels. For more information visit: www.enxoo.com/enxoocommerce