The premiere of enxoo industry cloud experience

Speaking about new technologies, we use a lot of buzzwords. The digital transformation has definitely become one of them. There has been a lot of hype around digital change. Yet it doesn’t come as a surprise that in this case, it’s much more than just a catchy phrase.

All fast-paced growing enterprises, aspiring to being innovative and accelerating their workflow, feel a pressure of joining this bright movement. However, what does the digital transformation really mean, and most of all how to digitize your business?

We’ve organized enxoo industry cloud experience to answer these exact questions.


The event was held on June 14, 2018, at the National Stadium in Warsaw. During the meeting, together with Salesforce and our customers, we presented the latest business and technology trends. Besides we introduced tried-and-trusted industry-specific solutions for communications, business services, and real estate, as well as a cross-industry tool for employees performance and growth management.

The meeting gathered the leading industry experts interested in developing their business and gaining an advantage over competition using the latest technology.


The event became a great space for knowledge sharing and networking. Except for the general introductory part presenting enxoo solutions, Salesforce Platform possibilities, and Marketing Automation; we have hosted simultaneous discussion panels for communications, business services, and real estate. Together with our customers and other speakers we presented the latest industry-specific solutions on the basis of case studies.

Have a look at these endless conversations, inspiring presentations, and a lot of smiles!

We are eager to see you all at the next enxoo industry cloud experience!