enxoo commerce enters the Salesforce AppExchange,
the world's leading enterprise apps marketplace

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Developing an app is an intensive process that requires a lot of collaboration, constant engagement and passion for innovation. That’s why it feels amazing amazing when at the end, you can see your app entering the world’s leading enterprise apps marketplace and starting to change the way enterprises manage their business.

enxoo commerce is a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) driven omni-channel quote-to-cash solution. The app enables sales reps, partners, and customers to quickly create error-free quotes. enxoo commerce unifies the user experience across all sales channels, standardizes sales process, and optimizes data tracking. It was designed to address the pain-points of subscription-based industries, such as communications, software, and business services, and allow them to adjust their strategies to the digital commerce standards. enxoo commerce is fully Salesforce® native, lightning enabled, and is currently available on the AppExchange.

enxoo has deep experience with developing apps that extend standard Salesforce functionalities and solve business challenges. enxoo commerce has joined skilo, our employee development and performance management solution on the Salesforce platform.

Why is enxoo commerce unique?

enxoo commerce blends ecommerce functionalities, enabling customers to shop instantly and conveniently, with a centralized pricing engine, allowing users to generate error-free quotes and introduce consistent pricing. These two main components together with a configurable service catalog let enterprises meet customer expectations and create a truly seamless customer experience across all channels.

For subscription-focused businesses to operate effectively, they must be able to quote complex products and services with various pricing models and at the same time provide a customer with seamless and relevant experience. enxoo commerce makes this possible and makes daily tasks easy to perform thanks to the ecommerce platform, centralized pricing logic, and a configurable product catalog.
— Maciej Simm, enxoo commerce product architect

enxoo commerce consists of several critical components:

  • Ecommerce platform with customer self-service, convenient shopping, and instant order placement capabilities;
  • Centralized pricing engine that provides consistent pricing for all channels, automates approvals and workflows;
  • Configurable service catalog that manages complex products with various pricing models;
  • Price book management tool that allows users to change pricing policy globally flexibly and to manage all price lists in one place and;
  • Document generator capabilities to create customized professional documents within the solution.

With enxoo commerce, companies can maximize their touch points to engage with customers on many levels, boost sales reps’ performance, and optimize the quoting process.

About enxoo

enxoo enxoo is an IT consulting company which delivers transformational projects to automate and simplify the quote-to-revenue process powered by Salesforce® technology. enxoo solutions are designed to help increase revenues and sales performance efficiency for companies from the telecommunications, software, business services, and real estate industries. enxoo is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, with offices in the Czech Republic, Germany, and the USA. For more information visit: www.enxoo.com

About enxoo commerce

enxoo commerce is an all-in-one omni-channel sales platform, fully Salesforce® native, and dedicated to subscription-focused businesses. This end-to-end tool with pre-configured tailored functionalities allows to create a seamless & more personalized customer experience, standardized sales processes, and enhance tracking across all channels. For more information visit: www.enxoo.com/enxoocommerce

About Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace, empowers companies to sell, service, market and engage in entirely new ways. With more than 4,000 solutions, 5 million customer installs and 70,000 peer reviews, it is the most comprehensive source of cloud, mobile, social, IoT, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies for businesses.