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Significant improvement of customer satisfaction by leveraging quality of service management


Czech Republic

Customer Service in iStyle

iSTYLE is the leading Apple Premium Reseller in Central and Eastern Europe. Through its 30 retail stores and 9 online stores, iSTYLE offers the complete range of Macs, iPads, iPods and iPhones with a large - but meticulously chosen - portfolio of accessories and software.

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider iSTYLE provides service for Apple products in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

Business Needs

As they faced growing competition, iSTYLE needed to find a way to differentiate themselves from other Apple resellers and increase customer loyalty.

To achieve this, iSTYLE decided to introduce a loyalty program. They wanted a CRM solution that could completely address customer needs, including service, retail sales, and B2B sales with the possibility for customer segmentation. Additionally, this solution needed to provide iSTYLE with source data for targeted marketing communication.

Their solution needed to integrate all systems into one central database, integrate that database with ERP and store sales software to allow easy access to important data, and needed to be implemented in all countries where iSTYLE operates.


iSTYLE implemented Salesforce, the only platform able to meet their high integration requirements, as their CRM system. Their solution implemented a comprehensive loyalty program integrated with both their online and retail stores.

iSTYLE’s loyalty program, including registration, transaction history, purchases using points, points expiration, and customer communication, is completely managed in Salesforce. It also integrates the use of Apple Wallet Pass electronic cards.

Because their solution is integrated with ERP and eshop, iSTYLE can see customers’ complete purchase histories. Purchased products are tracked as assets in CRM, including date of purchase and price.

iSTYLE can segment their customers based on purchase history and the lifecycle of specific products. Shop staff benefit from Customer Snapshot, an integrated plugin that shows specific data about customers pulled from the CRM system directly in store software in real time.

Salesforce powers iSTYLE’s main customer database and aggregates information about sales, service and marketing activities.

iSTYLE is gradually implementing this solution in all countries where they operate, and plan to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud in the future to maximise access to integrated data.

“The new service application allows us managing the process from repair registration until equipment return to the customer. Each status change in service process is recorded and allows us to understand how much time it takes and what is the real cost. We use the application to optimize the process and grow customer satisfaction.”

Vit Goluch

General Manager