Talents and HR processes management system with social Intranet, powered by Salesforce Platform.

Skilo is a simple, complete and social application for Candidates, Employees, Managers and HR Professionals. It streamlines, simplifies and unifies Talent Acquisition, Development and Engagement. It's company’s Social Intranet with Chatter and Gamification.

Main functionalities of Skilo

Manage the core HR data. 

Oganization Management Process

Skilo Foundation is used for designing, planning and administrating of the competences, job descriptions and organizational structure. It is also a key tool of data management for both employees and managers.


Plan and evaluate the performance.

Performance Management Process

Skilo is used for planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting the objectives and competencies of the employees. Skilo system supports two models of employee performance management: a model of management by objectives and management by competences. 

Automate the training management process.

Learning Management Process

Skilo simplifies, unifies and automates the process of training management. Employees, managers, trainers and HR professionals can proactively participate in the process of gathering training needs, transforming them into the training plan and evaluating their quality and efficiency.


Develop and retain your talents.

Development Process Management

Skilo supports the whole process of career planning and employee development in order to increase the efficiency of business operations of the company and maintain the most valuable resources and competences. The module provides the ability to manage the employee career path by building a knowledge base about an employee, competences and aspirations.

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