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The bar is set high for B2B commerce which is only getting faster and more digitized. Customers like to buy in the most convenient, fast and personalized way, they want to be able to reach you through various channels, and have a real-time service. How to meet these essential expectations?

Get to know enxoo commerce


It is our latest end-to-end solution built on the world’s leading Salesforce® platform that enables you to create a seamless omni-channel experience, to standardize sales processes, and to better engage with customers regardless of channel.


Ecommerce Platform

Centralized Pricing Engine

Configurable Service Catalog

Price Book Management Tool

Document Generator

Data Tracking




Create a personalized customer experience

Omni-channel support enhances switching between sales channels, gives you a coherent brand voice, and allows you to gather relevant information about your customer.


Unify sales processes

It’s impossible to create omni-experiences for your customers if you have scattered and disparate sales processes. Introduce clear and consistent standards for all sales channels.


Optimize data tracking across channels

Connect all the sales touch points and gather information in one place. Generate an environment where your customer history is available across all channels and accessible in a few clicks.


Business Features


Ecommerce Platform

Provide your customers with additional touch point and let them do self-service if preferred.


Centralized Pricing Engine

Channels in enxoo commerce are built on the same Configure-Price-Quote engine to provide grater coherence and integration.


Configurable Service Catalog

Dynamically changing product portfolios need to be supported by easily configurable service catalog, where you are able to manage complex products and product families.


Extend the app

Extend enxoo commerce with industry-specific functions.

enxoo commerce was designed as an out-of-the-box solution to address the main pain points of communications, software & business services industries and became a core of these solutions.

Check enxoo for communications and enxoo for software & business services solutions.