CRM system in the e-mobility industry? – Enxoo Business Breakfast

10 September Enxoo office

Event Report

The electric-vehicle market is on the rise, challenging long-established automotive players. However, the future growth of the e-mobility industry depends on the development of necessary infrastructure and new technologies. So, where does a modern CRM system fit in the e-mobility business?

Join our business breakfast on Tuesday, September 10th in our Enxoo office for an informative discussion about the role of new technologies in the e-mobility industry.

We’ll discuss the following:

  • What challenges do companies operating in the e-mobility sector face?
  • How do new technologies support the development of the industry?
  • How to effectively address the expectations of urban electric vehicles users?

Let’s talk about the way technologies support the progress of electromobility! 🥐☕️

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