Complex Salesforce data migration




99,9% accurate data migration for havily customized Salesforce Instance



Benestra is a telecommunications operator and is a key market player in Slovakia. Their mission is to fulfil their customers’ needs, and they are ambitious in their continuously evolving service offer. Benestra provides high quality voice, data, internet and hosting services. Benestra became established in the Slovak market in 1999 as part of GTS Central Europe, but has been an independent organisation since 2014.

Business Needs

After becoming independent from GTS, Benestra needed to continue using the Salesforce instance that had been heavily customised for their specific needs. The heavily customised system was used across 4 countries and contained 120 custom objects, 10 million characters of code and an 80+ GB data set.

The migration was very complex, but was successful. Benestra also needed to conduct 7 days of testing, including automated data validation, without interfering with the ongoing business operations.


After six months of preparation, Benestra’ s Salesforce system was rolled out in 12 phases. By working closely together with Benestra, enxoo was able to perform 4 full test iteration cycles, thereby ensuring that all data was migrated and modelled correctly.

The project as a whole was completed on time and budget, without having to adjust the scope. The finished database was 99.9% accurate, and its implementation hadn’t interrupted business operations. Additionally, Benestra were given a comprehensive test framework to ensure their data was functional, and therefore business-ready.

“This project required unique experience given the scale and extent of the migration, but enxoo mastered its complexity very well.”

Michal Kemenik

IT Director – Benestra – TK Telekom