Telia Carrier Improved Sales Efficiency and Lowered TCO with Enxoo CPQ




Increase of Sales Efficency Reduction of TCO



Telia Carrier owns and operates one of the world’s most extensive fiber backbones. Their mission is to provide exceptional network infrastructure and services – empowering individuals, businesses and societies to execute their most critical activities. By working close to their customers Telia Carrier make big ideas happen at the speed of fiber. Telia Carrier is a part of Telia Company, Europe’s 5th largest operator.

Business Needs

Telia Carrier was looking to extend and optimise their Salesforce functionality for their opportunity management, order processing and customer service business functions. Telia Carrier has been using Salesforce since 2006 and during multiple projects have improved the functionality.

The company decided to streamline their business processes, alongside an overriding aim to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The vision was an improved quality of services provided to customers, enhanced reporting for operational insight and reduced administrative costs.

For the implementation it was necessary to replace the existing order configuration tool, with a tool that offers an improved end-user experience and would be simpler to maintain, even one where users could modify documents quickly when required.


Telia Carrier selected Enxoo due to our experience in other telecommunications business transformation projects, particularly regarding our knowledge of wholesale services. To solve the business challenges, Enxoo suggested Enxoo CPQ (Configure Price Quote) and our additional telco industry framework; two of our innovative products built on the Salesforce platform, specifically developed with B2B telecommunications sales in mind. The combination of Enxoo solutions allows account managers to configure quotes according to specific customer needs, based on products selected, their parameters, and trade data; using this information, the system generates a personalised quote. Automating the process is possible through defining an approval process, which routes completed quotes to the correct level in the organisation based on the proposal content and the defined thresholds. When in action, the solution enables Product Managers to manage a portfolio of products, including defining attributes, interdependencies, price lists and the configurations available - meaning making modifications is painless, resulting in a faster time to market.

Workshops were held and attended by the key Telia Carrier project stakeholders and Enxoo consultants. This allocated workshop time was essential to map out all possible scenarios of Telia Carrier’s customer purchasing experience. By investing this time to asses all variations, Telia Carrier now have a CPQ solution that has been adapted specific to their sales processes with minimal need for other functions and systems to support the process.


Through implementing the Enxoo CPQ solution, Telia Carrier now has an innovative and intuitive tool for creating quotes that empowers the end-user to select and configure products for a quote without requiring help from technical personnel. This has significantly reduced the amount of time in getting a quote to the customer.

"Enxoo CPQ solution has significantly increased our sales efficiency, minimized the need of system maintenance and reduced our TCO. We can now respond quicker to the customers requests and proudly provide the best quality services in the shortest time while maintaining our competitive edge in the industry.”

Johan Malmberg

Head of IT & Engineering