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Sales service simplified??



Interparking is one of the major players in the European parking field and has earned itself a loyal customer base in a number of key European cities, in the last six decades.For over 59 years, Interparking has been building and maintaining high quality car parks in Europe. Founded in Belgium, Interparking today has more than 782 parkings all over the continent that are visited by 110 million clients per year.

Business Needs

Interparking was looking for an alignment of their front and back office and enhancement of the processes within like the claim process, subscription process and Sales Management for B2B.

Interparking needed improvement of the communication process with their client. In addition interparking was lacking of monitoring the clients’ history from the very beginning. Furthermore was the sales handled “on paper” which was hindering the acquisition of online clients.


enxoo delivered Interparking a customized solution on the platform. This solution was based on the implementation of the customer service system combined with the complaint form. In addition with an option of tracking the entire history of each interaction with the customer. enxoo customized the standard sales process to the given needs which allowed Interparking to start their sales at SFDC.


Since using a customized solution delivered by enxoo, Interparking is now able to trace the actual response time, create internal SLAs and automate acquisition of new customers. Furthermore has the sales service been greatly simplified, which lead to an enhancement of the sales process. The new system delivered full visibility of customer information which is now in one place.