London’s Calling all Architects 2020

To all awesome Salesforce® Architects, Admins, Devs and Marketing Techs – let’s meet in London at The Brewery on March 20th! Look forward to our session at 3:30 pm! 

UPDATE: London’s Calling 2020 is now a virtual event, so see you on London’s Calling TV!

What is London’s Calling all Architects?

London’s Calling is Europe’s largest community-led event for Salesforce® professionals. It is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and listen to some of the best keynote speakers. You definitely don’t want to miss it! 

Most importantly, this full day event is organised by people like us, enthusiasts from within the Salesforce® community. The aim is to meet, share expertise, help educate and provide value for everyone.

London’s Calling agenda

The schedule includes various tracks: for Admins, Developers and Marketing Techs, amongst others. There is a vast array of Salesforce®-related topics, catering for all skill levels. But we are especially excited about the sessions for the Architect community. The topics range from Salesforce® architecture tips to ways of applying common architect skills to solve business problems.

So, why are we so pumped up? Because our Enxoo experts are among the speakers! Read on to find out more.

When and where is the event?

We’re meeting in London at The Brewery on 20th March 2020. Maciej Simm and Konrad Karaś will deliver their 40-minute presentation at 3:30 pm at the Queen’s Vault.

UPDATE: As London’s Calling is now an online event, you can join us from any part of the world!

Enxoo’s geektastic session

webinar at London's Calling

Domain-Driven Design Architecture Patterns in APEX

In the words of Enxoo’s Head of Products and Operations, Maciej Simm: “Over the years, after overseeing numerous small & large projects, I tend to think that Salesforce is an excellent platform for building monsters. It’s so easy to just add new features, implement business requirements in so many different ways that eventually you end up with a “Big Ball of Mud” rolling down the hill. This presentation focuses on Domain-Driven Design patterns that were proposed by Eric Evans and how to apply them in APEX as a framework for a scalable architecture.”

Meet our experts

Maciej Simm, Head of Products and Operations at Enxoo

Salesforce®  expert with 10+ years of experience in IT across multiple roles, currently leading ISV product dev & operations at Enxoo. Hobby JS web dev, father & weekend cyclist involved in many freelance and personal projects. Crazy perfectionist. Dedicated follower of Lean Startup ideas.

Konrad Karaś, Lead Developer at Enxoo

After 3 years of being a Salesforce®  developer, tired of large and complex solutions, my interests focused more on a scalable software architecture. Currently working on Telco ISV solutions, I try to adapt Domain Driven Design principles into the Apex framework. On a personal note, I’m interested in motorsports and nuclear physics.

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