Missed our CPQ webinar? We’ve got you covered!

Last week, we hosted a live webinar “How Enxoo’s CPQ extends the power of Salesforce®.” Our Head of Products and Operations, Maciej Simm, talked about how automation of the quote-to-cash process can benefit telecoms. Especially in this disruptive age.

This case-study based webinar answered many of your questions about Salesforce® and Enxoo for Communications’ possibilities and benefits. We also gave tips on cracking the code to shorter sales quote time. As always, there were interesting questions from the audience. Obviously, our expert was happy to tackle all of them! We were so glad that the attendees stayed until the very end. 

If you didn’t get an opportunity to attend Enxoo’s CPQ webinar, check out the key takeaways and access the recording! 

4 things you’ll learn at our CPQ webinar

Enxoo’s CPQ webinar is packed with valuable tips and comments. But these four topics will make watching the video worth your time: What’s the trick to closing deals faster?

1) What’s the trick to closing deals faster?

If configuring a quote and drafting a proposal for a client can take minutes instead of hours, imagine what your sales representatives can do with the extra time. Discover how to increase your sales team’s performance with one solution.

2) How to make the management of complex products as easy as pie

When your product team is preparing the launch of a new product, they are facing lots of challenges. What if they could configure changes in the product catalogue, update the pricing and add a new attribute value with a few clicks?

3) Controlling your revenue

See how well-structured data will enable you to make the right decisions at the right time.

4) Standardize processes

Last but not least, let our expert show you the benefits of simplifying workflows, reducing manual tasks and eliminating disconnected tools. 

All in all, during the webinar you will find out how we enhance the Salesforce® platform’s possibilities with Enxoo for Communications. Aren’t you curious what your company can achieve with a solution tailored to meet telco-specific needs?

If you’re ready to dive into our webinar, click below to access the recording.

Keep an eye out for the next of our CPQ webinar series. And in the meantime, check out how Enxoo for Communications’ deployment helped Telia Carrier deliver a great customer experience and win a UX Award!

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