The Most Wanted Group is going through a digital revolution with cloud solutions


Staffing and Recruiting


Significant increase in sales effectiveness around recruiting and training



The Most Wanted Group, part of the Onico Capital Group, is a leading personnel recruitment and human resources management consultancies in the Polish market. They specialize in recruitment projects for specialist, middle management and C-Level positions. In addition to their core activities, they also organize HR training and conferences. Their customer base has grown to over 500 organisations across Poland and Europe.

Business Needs

The Most Wanted Group's main goal was to increase the efficiency of recruitment sales, advising and training, as well as improving the quality of data collected and stored in the company's database. It was necessary to build and implement a new IT system and to roll-out a tool for automated marketing campaigns.

The IT system used by the company was inefficient and no longer supported the internal processes in the organization. The data collected and store there was not properly updated and segregated, plus it had scaled in an uncontrolled way and the structure was not responsive to user needs. The lack of system integration with the website was an additional bottleneck that prevented automated data capture about candidates and people interested in their services. As a consequence, administrative costs were high, due to the manual review, entry, and updating of data.

On the marketing side, the existing system did not allow automated marketing campaigns to target audiences, which meant the mailing campaigns were targeting the wrong groups.


The Most Wanted Group decided to use enxoo’s services, because of their extensive experience in HR processes digitalization and expert knowledge about Salesforce products and technology. During the meetings, a business analysis was conducted between The Most Wanted Group team and enxoo consultants, from which a concrete solution was selected.

It fulfilled the following actions and functionality:

  • Defining and unifying processes, procedures, and corporate documents;
  • Building and implementing a new Salesforce-based IT system for sales management, enabling predefined processes and procedures;
  • Migrating customer and candidate databases to the new system and applying to the improved data model;
  • Creating an advanced search engine in the database based on keywords;
  • Website integration for automated data capture on web forms;
  • Deploying Salesforce Pardot to support automated marketing campaigns and their precise segmentation.


  • A new IT system, built on Salesforce platform, allowing Grupa Most Wanted to monitor and report on the whole sales process - from registering sales opportunities and building up information about prospects, through to contract signing, orders and invoicing.
  • A defined and unified procedure, means company documents can be created straight from the system.
  • An improved database, which has advanced data collection and management, including tools which minimize mistakes, duplications and invalid data input.
  • Thanks to the website integration, the database is automatically supplied with data about candidates, clients and participants in conferences and trainings.
  • The built-in search engine functionality has reduced the administrative costs that were associated with manual upkeep, entry, and search of files such as candidate job submissions.
  • The keyword-based candidate search speeds up the time required to locate a candidate record.
  • With Salesforce Pardot, they are able to run fully automated, targeted marketing campaigns. As a result of targeting the correct audience, the prospect to client conversion rate increased.
  • Because the solution is entirely cloud-based, the tools and functionality are available for use on mobile devices, making the whole recruitment and training project process more accessible.