Skilo implementation for MBO and Performance Management Process




Transparent and efficient MBO strategy?



Atman is a trade name belonging to the Polish corporation ATM S.A. (listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2004), which provides services of vital importance for large and small businesses in many sectors of the economy. They are successfully meeting firms’ increasing communication needs in the field of IT outsourcing.

Business Needs

The company was aiming for a transparent and effective Management by Objectives (MBO) strategy but were lacking a system which could manage the process. Bonuses were paid based on the opinion of the manager.

ATM needed a durable and innovative tool for setting individual, team and strategic goals that aligned with a new bonus policy, this time based on goal attainment. This change will increase employee motivation, effectiveness and commitment ultimately enhancing the development of the company as a whole.


Skilo was implemented to manage the following HR processes:

  • Goal setting and achievement tracking (MBO);
  • Tool for approving goals, reviewing and reporting;
  • Cloud-based platform for managing end-to-end MBO process.

Workshops were held for users that had a specialised agenda in order to get them up to speed with the new system and using it as quickly as possible.


ATM gained the transparent and effective Management by Objectives (MBO) strategy they were seeking at the project outset. Now, bonuses are connected with quarterly goal achievement.

With the help of Skilo, Managers can set goals for their employees, with a defined period for achieving the expected outcome. The goals are visible in the system for both managers and employees. From now on, goals are measurable - quantitatively and qualitatively - and the salary depends on the outcome of reviews. Bonuses are not only handed out based on individual goal achievement, but also on strategical and team achievements. Thanks to the possibility of subdividing main goals by the management, goals can be converted into team and employee goals - and at the same time be aligned with the company’s business strategy.