TEB Akademia recruitment efficiency 22% growth




Increase of work efficiency?



The Higher Education Development Center "TEB Akademia" is a professional partner in higher education institution (HEI) development, specialized in providing advisory and consulting services in all areas of higher education. The origins of TEB Akademia’s parent organization date back to the early 1990s, which were the pioneering years of non-state higher education in Poland.

Business Needs

Until now, each education institution functioned as an independent organisation with its own recruitment process and sales systems. Consolidation of data, reporting and decision making processes were complicated and time consuming.

The need for process alignment was apparent, so they set out to find one IT solution for their needs.


In 2014 TEB Akademia started working with enxoo. Enxoo created a customized system on the Salesforce Platform, which would allow TEB to build new and fast business solutions and enhance the company processes like data analysis and decision making processes.

The project took only a few months. The toughest part was convincing the independent organisations to use one aligned process, communication and documentation template. This approach allowed them to define one aligned procedure on one system which would support the whole sales process for all types of studies and workshops. A crucial element was the usability and transparency of the system for clients, plus automation of processes which do not need human intervention (e.g. data which is inserted once should be saved and used wherever it is needed).


The solution aligned and optimised the sales process in each TEB Academy organization. The aligned system enhances student and candidate data management, recruitment and marketing processes. The integration of the back-office with the data capture mechanisms allowed a significant shortening of the process itself and better communication with the clients. Administration work has been minimised, and the time gained can be now used for better customer service.