What will you find in this webinar?

We’ll discuss pricing management challenges that modern companies offering Telecom and/or SaaS products and services face today. Our hosts will briefly present major pricing models widely-used, and demonstrate solutions for efficient pricing management with some industry-specific examples.

What are the benefits of an integrated
all-in-one pricing & billing solution?

  • Acceleration of sales processes

  • Increase of revenue

  • Growth of flexibility

  • Errors reduction

  • Escalation of customer satisfaction


Duration: One Hour

Brief intro

The rapidly developing Telecom & SaaS-based businesses come with mounting challenges. Starting with the management of complex and frequently changing products with numerous dependencies and options to specific pricing models such as recurring, usage-based, tiered, to managing subscription renewals. Additionally, all of these processes must keep up with the customers’ expectations. And this high complexity makes it challenging to manage them manually or with several disparate systems.


At enxoo, we are always looking for ways to optimize the Sales management processes. We have created this webinar (and more to come) to discuss the various business challenges faced by Telecom & SaaS-based businesses in today’s complex landscape. This interactive webinar will be useful to Sales Directors, representatives, or Product Managers that are looking to simplify their product pricing structures in order to respond quickly to their customers.


Meet our awesome speakers

Maciej Simm

enxoo CPQ architect

Waleria Pękalska

Product Marketing Specialist