About the White Paper

In today’s business landscape there is a lot of new challenges mounting in front of telecoms. It’s been a decade when we observed a shift from voice to data. The volume of data circulating through fibers and wireless networks is unimaginable, pushing the technology to the limits, but also fueling constant product innovation. Customers expectations have changed dramatically as well. Right now, to keep up with the customer demands you should provide high-complexity services at the instance.


These challenges may seem impossible to overcome to companies that are running their business with disconnected Business Support Systems and Operational Support Systems (BSS/OSS, or simply B/OSS) or not flexible enough to handle new requirements. This can result in significant delays, poor customer experience or negligence issues such as inaccurate billing or pricing.


We created this paper to demonstrate the importance and crucial benefits of bridging BSS and OSS solutions. It will help you understand how to:

  • orchestrate order provisioning, 
  • process orders quickly and accurately,
  • accelerate the process of offer preparation from days or weeks to be completed in minutes and, 
  • increase the level of customer service using fully scalable sales channel.
enxoo cross whitepaper.png